Wednesday, November 1, 2017

IWSG Post - Do you Finish your NaNo Projects?

 Unbelievable that this is the second last IWSG post of 2017. This year is flying past at a supersonic speed and before we know it, we will be sitting in the lap of 2018.

IWSG is the best thing to happen to writers all over the world. This is an online group of writers who post in support of Insecure Writers Support Group on the first Wednesday of every month. And luckily for us we can discuss all our writing blues, our writing insecurities and worries. And IWSG members all over the world pitch in to encourage and support us or air their own fears and doubts.

Ninja captain Alex J Cavanaugh (author of the Amazon Bestsellers: CassaStar, CassaStorm, CassaFire and Dragon of the Stars) is the founder of this awesome  group. Under Alex, IWSG has grown by leaps and bounds, it has members from many countries in the world, it has a website, it brings out anthologies every year, and it also hosted a Twitter pitch party which was a huge success.

The November 1 question is - Win or not, do you usually finish your NaNo project? Have any of them gone on to be published?

Sadly for me I’ve never done NaNo. From the past few years I tell myself I’ll do NaNo, but one year our main festival Diwali was in November, another year I was travelling for 10 days, then another year I had several freelance projects and this year I’m trying to revise and polish my adult novel. I think NaNo and my fate has not aligned. Maybe I’ll finally be able to clear all my assignments and tackle a project for NaNo sometime in the future.

I’m eager to see how many of you all have completed NaNo and how many NaNo novels have been published?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Celebrating the release of Elizabeth Varadan’s Picture Book Dragonella

Elizabeth Varadan is not just one of my first online writing friends, she is also one of the first few to follow me when I started blogging in 2010. Our friendship started then and we kept in touch through emails and facebook. And luckily for us, we met when Elizabeth visited India with her husband. She is the only writing friend and blog buddy who I have met. It was wonderful to sit with her in the park and discuss books.

Elizabeth is a woman of many talents, she writes across genres (picture books, middle grade and has also written a mystery) and she also teaches art.

When I came to know that her latest book Dragonella – a picture book for ages 7 and under, has been published in paperback and e-book formats by Belanger Books, I was super happy to see that one more of her writing dreams has come true.

About the book: "Dragonella is the only dragon at her new school. Other students - trolls, griffins and ogres - are frightened when she breathes fire. The teacher isn't happy when Dragonella's laughter melts the filing cabinet. But when Dragonella's flames save the day during the class party on Legend Day, the teacher and other students learn they shouldn't be quick to judge someone who is different."

Here is the link to Amazon, showing both formats of Dragonella, paperback and ebook: 

Elizabeth’s Blogs: 

Elizabeth’s FB Author Page:  
Elizabeth on Twitter

Link to her MG mystery on Amazon Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls

Here is wishing Elizabeth lots of success for her new book.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

IWSG Post – Personal Information Slipping into our Characters

Two more IWSG posts before 2017 bids goodbye to us. Its rightly said that time flies and incase of writers it flies past leaving behind a pile of deadlines that mock us all the time. And we poor creatures console ourselves that we are trying to polish the manuscript that will have agents thronging our doorsteps despite the muse playing hide and seek with us (we wish).

IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) is an online group of writers posting on the first Wednesday of every month. In our posts we grumble about our writing blues (atleast I do) discuss our writing insecurities and worries. Other writers join us either with their advice or like us they too air their writing laundry in public.

This awesome group was started by Ninja captain Alex J Cavanaugh (author of the Amazon Bestsellers: CassaStar, CassaStorm, CassaFire and Dragon of the Stars). Alex is a man of many talents: author, musician and blogger, who has made it his mission in life to help as many people (read writers) as possible. Alex will definitely qualify for sainthood, I can already visualize him in his white robes with a halo and wings guarding writers in the distant future, perhaps I may also be standing behind him with smaller wings and a less brighter halo. Under Alex, IWSG has now become a force to reckon with. Check out the IWSG website to read all the amazing posts by wonderful writers.

October 4 question - Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose?

Yes, several times. I’ve seen that my characters mirror my fears and values. My MG heroine cherishes loyalty a trait I value the most in any relationship and she is also headstrong just like me. Another MG character a 10-year-old boy is scared of dogs, I too am scared of dogs. I would run a mile if I see one near me.

I’ll be hopping over to all your blogs to read your IWSG posts.